PUBLISHING HOUSE: Ediciones aContracorriente

YEAR: published in English 2014/Spanish version 2013


LANGUAGE: English (original: Spanish)

GENRE: Supernatural terror

SETTING: 1910-1970. The World, Hell, the Dream World.


In 1912, Andrea Landa is murdered by her husband in a jealous rage. Andrea’s death is so violent and traumatic that she is caught up in the Veil, a plane of existence on the edge between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

About to disappear forever, wrapped up in the Mist that carries away spirits, Andrea hears a severe, paternal voice that tells her, “Use your hate.” So she clings to all the feelings of injustice and revenge brought about by her brutal assassination. She evades the Mist and death, remaining in the Veil, continuing on as a vengeful spirit…avenging herself and others.

Because revenge is now the only thing keeping her awake.
Fighting to save the soul of her dead father, she will travel to hell…

Obsessed with protecting a young man touring Europe during the First World War to take revenge on his brother, she will meet the most twisted, bloody side of man.
She will travel to the Dream World to find answers and forge alliances.

Throughout the 20th century, she will pursue an immortal murderer who preys on children. With their deaths, he opens the door to demons, with whom he parleys for more years of life and more power. 

And time and time again, she will narrate her own existence, her sorrows, remembering herself to push away the Mist. By evocation, she feeds her most intense, bitter or beneficent memories, in order to hang on just a while longer in the Veil to chase after her prey: Norton Graves, the child murderer.

“A ghost story like one I had never read before; imaginative, surprising and addictive. I want more.” 
Daniel Estorach, author of Hoy me ha pasado algo bestia (Something Wild Happened to me Today).

“Renewing something as oft-handled as the ghost genre and turning it into something fresh, original and stunning needs tons of talent. Dead People is the book on the topic I always wanted to read”. 
Carlos Sisí, author of Los caminantes (Walkers).

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Author of Dead People and The Immortals

Author of short novels “El exilio de Amún Sar (Amún Sar’s Exile)” and “La Montaña (The Mountain)”.

Holds several short-story literary awards.

Co-author and plot coordinator for “Tiempo de Héroes (Time of Heroes)”.

Director and screenwriter of short film “Exnátura”. 

Collaborator on radio shows and several Cinema and Literature publications.

Active member of the HWA and the AEFCFT.



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